Sunday, May 6, 2012

Progress Report on Final Project

A bunch of magnetic letters surrounding the words half way.
 My group has contacted each other through emails and face to face meetings. We are honing in on a great lesson we want to educate others on. Each of us will be involved collaboratively and we each have specific parts that we will teach. We have also been using different means of Google Docs to work on our projects.

Creativity and Curiosity: My Thoughts - Special Post 12A

    Creativity and curiosity are two traits that we look for in individuals when they are young. Why? We look for it because that have the want to learn when they are curious. When young children start in school they also start to loose that creativity and curiosity. They are given structure and discipline in their place. In school we are taught to be model citizens that can benefit our society in the best ways possible. The question I wonder is it the best thing for students. Children are naturally curious beings, so why not let them be curious. Teachers and schools are not wanting to go above and beyond and find that balance that gives students the structure and discipline they need without taking away their creativity and curiosity.
A cartoon head that has the words vision, imagination, creativity, and innovation coming from it.
     I think all curriculum can be made interesting for students. As a teacher you most want to put in that little extra time and come up with ways to relate what you are teaching to your students. Students need to know how to sit and listen in a classroom; however if that is all they do then how much are you really helping them to grow and become educated. If we teach our students the material in a fun but structured environment and then have them use that creativity to show what they know then you help to form that curiosity that so many children have drained out of them. Teachers always have the ability to help mold and enlighten their students. I have ran into so many teacher in the past that only seem to be there for the pay check and that is not the right reason.   I met one teacher who actually had is class turn his room into an actual cell. The students had to get creative to do so. The ideas that the students created to represent different parts of the cell was jaw dropping. We only have to give them the opportunity to use their minds and they will.
      I am a very curious person when it comes to science as well as literature. These to areas have given me a curiosity that I still use today. I would have probably lost it if not for a few special teachers in my life. When it comes to creativity if it is something I am interested in I put for more creativity. I strive to be different. I do not want to be known as good teacher. I want to be know as a creative educator. I have been able to do so in the daycare that I work in. I plan to continue that once I have my degree. My class is know for having the best handmade decorations as well as the best student projects. That is not what I am most proud of though. I am proud of the fact that my classroom is used as a tool to teach my students.
Albert Einstein's picture with a quote from him beside the photo. It states, "Imagination is more important than knowledge".

Project 13

   I worked with Daphney McFadden for the final two projects. Daphney found this site called Vyew. This site allowed us to post our ideas and thoughts in a chat area only for us. We were also able to upload any files that we thought would be useful as well as use webcam. We also used Google Docs. Daphney and I were able collaboratively put our slide presentation together. By using the Google Docs we were both able to go in and add and fix mistakes that we noticed. I obtained a Geography book that helped us put together our material according to the Mobile Pacing Guide. For or Final project using Vyew we were able to contact one another with ideas as well as film everything on our own until it was time to put everything together.

Three people sitting around computers and laptops using collaborative learning.

Final Reflection

Final Project

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Blog Assignment 13

I wooden sign that has "No Tecknolegy" painted on it in white.

For this blog we had to go 24 hours without the use of technology.This assignment was very difficult I actually had to start over at one point. I feel as if in today's society we are so use to our world of technology and we do not really realize how much we really depend on it. We are surrounded by technology everywhere we go, whether it be cell phones, tv, laptops, or IPad. It made me truly thankful for technology and the help that it provides in my everyday life.
When I read  the requirements for this blog I wanted to scream. The first thought that I had was that I could not use my laptop. My second thought was my husband is not going to like this; he likes to call me several times throughout the day to check in. Like most young people I do not have a landline, so this meant that I had no communication with anyone for 24 hours unless I went to see them or they came to see me. I am so dependent on my cell phone and laptop for communication that it almost drove me mad. The first time I attempted the challenge I actually left my cell phone on. Leaving my phone on was a big mistake the temptation was too much and I finally gave in. The second time around I turned my phone off, as well as unplugged the XBox 360. I decided the best way to complete this challenge was to have my husband go through it with me. We use our XBox to watch movies on as well as play games. It is our way of us having some down time together after work. He did not like the fact I took it away. I had to give his cell phone to him though because his dad often calls him to help with his business.
I think the experience bettered me in a way. We had to find other activities to do instead of sitting on the couch, refusing to get up because we were glued to our laptops and tv. It made me realize that technology is a really useful tool at the same time we do not need to forget that there are so many other things to do. For example we sat in our backyard for two hours just playing with our dogs and talking. We also attempted to go to a few yard sales to look for baby items (there were not many yard sales that day). I do not think that I would want to make a “no technology” day every month. I do think that I will make an effort to spend more time focusing on other things besides technology. I just have to have my cell phone.
I really feel that this was a good challenge. I realized how important technology is to me. It made me realize that if I had a hard time completing this task then how are we as teachers suppose to expect students to learn without it. I could not complete any school assignments during this time. So many teachers think students do not need technology to learn. There are sites on the internet that help tutor students. Students also need technology to write these long research papers we assign. We want them to use technology to complete the assignments that we give them yet we do not use technology in the classroom.
As a society we need to just let go of the fact that we are not dependent on technology, and embrace the fact that it surrounds us everyday. I am so thankful for the tools that technology has given me. I will admit sometimes I get really frustrated with technology but overall I depend a great deal on it.

Final Report on PLN

My Final PLN Report

I am so thankful that I took EDM 310 and the things that it has taught me. One of the most important things that  I have learned from EDM 310 is about building my Personal Learning Network or PLN. I have come to add a lot of sites and teacher blogs on to my PLN. I am still using Symbloo and it is super easy to use. I have even introduced it to my dad and mother-in-law. My mother-in-law helps keep my father-in- laws business going as well as they have rental properties. Symbloo allows her to keep up with all the sites she needs in one place. I have learned that a PLN is not only useful to teachers and students, but to everyone else as well. I am continuously looking on Langwitches blog and reading her post. I am also always looking for good websites for me to get material for my class. I recently added a site called NASET, it stands for National Association of Special Education Teachers.
Two stick people one titled me and one titled you. The "me" stick figure has a question mark in its thought bubble. The "you" stick figure has a light bulb in its thought bubble. In between the to stick figures it has a heart and under the heart it says get connected.